Nonya Kueh Platter

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Our Specialties
Our Specialties

Signature Platter

  • $65.00

A tasting platter consisting of 8 different traditional handmade nonya kuehs.

Perfect for parties, gatherings, seminars, meetings, or any other occasions when dessert variety is a must!

Each Signature Platter consists of the following items:

20 Ondeh Ondeh Gula Melaka, and 10 each of Bite-size Kueh Rainbow Lapis, Bite-size Kueh Salat, Bite-size Kueh Pink Fairy, Bite-size Kueh Chendol, Bite-size Kueh Talam Original, 10 Mini Kueh Dadar, 5 Mini Ang Ku Kueh Peanut and 5 Mini Ang Ku Kueh Mung Bean.